There are dozens of helicopter models by dozens of manufacturers and choosing one for charter or transport services can take up so much time. It is important that you know what you want for your business and that you’ll be able to maximize your revenue with your purchase.

Premier Helicopters operates with a fleet of aircraft that require low maintenance and are always performing well in air. There are more things to consider when choosing so to help you out, here are our top picks of helicopters for charter and transport purposes.

Sikorsky S-76D Executive Helicopter

The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services Sikorsky S 76D - The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services

If you want comfort and convenience, the Sikorsky S-76D is king. This is a luxurious helicopter that’s interior and space can be configured for your preferences and personal requirements. You can set up an on-air office with this model.

It is also integrated with the Sikorsky active vibration control and Quiet Zone transmission, so you don’t have to worry about the sound of those rotors from spinning and the engine roaring.

The main rotors and tail rotors are also incorporated with cutting edge technology. To top it all off, the S-76D Executive has the PW210S engines’ low fuel consumption for the sake of lowering carbon emissions.

This model has been featured in many magazines globally including Fortune 500 business traveller.

Bell 429WLG

The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services Bell 429WLG - The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services

The 429WLG is the upgraded version of the Bell 429 which was already a top helicopter of choice back in 2019. The newer model is mostly the same only it comes with next-generation technologies and features including the retractable landing gear as a replacement of the traditional skids.

This technology allows the 429WLG to land on multiple terrain types safely and efficiently.  This model is also much better when it comes to reposition in confined spaces and perform different missions requiring ground run.

The 429WLG’s cockpit also received an upgrade in form of the Bell BasiX-Pro integrated avionics system. This gives you two multi-function display units with a high-resolution display.

In terms of space, 429WLG’s can room a total of 8 people including the pilot. Bell models continue to introduce new technology for significant improvements.

Airbus AS365 N3+

The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services Airbus AS365 N3 - The Best Helicopter Models for Charter Services

The N3+ is renowned for its fast cruise speed and power margin.  This model has 825 twin-engine Dauphins. It also has the FADEC or two full authority digital engine control with Safran Arriel 2C.

For smooth air sailing, it incorporates the Airbus’ Fenestron tail rotor system and Starflex rotor. That means low noise and optimum safety.

These helicopter models are ranked to be some of the best when it comes to charter services. Let us know if we’ve missed a model that should be included on our list!