Here at Premier Helicopters, one of the most common questions we hear is “how much does helicopter maintenance cost?” We always answer with, “it is not about the cost but about keeping your helicopter safe to operate, at all times.”

Helicopter maintenance can be hard to understand, and it requires years of training and experience to be qualified as an expert for repairs and maintenance. However, everything should be centred on why these maintenance jobs are being provided in the first place. Here are the reasons why.

Ensuring Passenger Safety

These air vehicles are designed and manufactured to ensure safety for the pilot and the passengers. However, technical issues may arise and some of them don’t show any signs nor symptoms.

That is why it can be easy to miss these issues. All airlines here in Ireland are required to always check their aircraft before flying. You should do the same with your helicopter.

You should check it regularly especially before you take it up to the air.Charter and transport services are not just about the smooth experience but a safe and secured experience for your passengers.

Importance of Helicopter Maintenance passenger - Importance of Helicopter Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Chopper

Helicopters can last a couple of decades with regular maintenance. With regular maintenance, you are also minimizing the chances of getting caught with sudden expensive repairs that require you to purchase new parts.

Some helicopters don’t even make it to 7 years because of low maintenance and negligence when it comes to diagnostics and performance evaluation.

Avoid Lost and Cancelled Trips

In the helicopter charter and transport business, you need to make sure that your vehicle is always up for it. You must make sure that everything is in perfect condition through scheduling regular maintenance jobs.

This will not only cost you money but might also result in negative feedback from your clients, especially new ones. Premier Helicopters is no stranger from these issues and experience, you need to go the extra mile for your helicopter’s maintenance.

This is not like your car wherein you can just easily call someone for repair. We are talking about an aircraft that is manufactured way more complex. Another factor is the weather condition before you fly out, check the weather if it is favourable for flying or not.

All in All Performance

Here at Premier Helicopters serviceability is one of our top priorities. Regular maintenance ensures that your passengers have the time of their life in terms of comfort, convenience, and wonder.

That means making sure the trip is as smooth as possible. Most helicopters now have cutting edge technology for low noise in the main and tail rotors.

Premier Helicopters is on top of it when it comes to providing maintenance jobs on our helicopters as well as for our clients.

We know that waiting for maintenance or repair work on a helicopter may be a drag but remember the importance of doing so. Besides, you can always fill that time by doing something else you may never have time for.

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