There are several charter service providers in Ireland, most of them operate with private jets and airbuses. Only a couple of those providers operate with helicopters. That is why it is such an in-demand business that these providers decided to provide air tours instead of just transport services to clients.

Here is a list of our top competitors in the business of charter servicing here in Ireland. Despite the competition, we encourage you to seek their services.

Executive Helicopter

Executive Helicopter is the most well-known helicopter provider in the country in terms of services, fleet, and client number. The company provide golf and bespoke tours. These tour packages are customized according to the clients’ preferences and target destinations.

Top Helicopter Charter Service Providers in Ireland Executive Helicopter - Top Helicopter Charter Service Providers in Ireland

In Ireland, these are very popular for big businesses and international investors. But, despite their luxurious style, Executive Helicopter is still known for its charter service. They can take you to a magnificent tour across the west of Ireland along with their well-maintained and top-level helicopters.

Their fleet is composed of the AS365 Dauphin Helicopters with 825 twin-engines Dauphins and the AS365N2 Airbus Helicopters’ Fenestron tail rotor system. You get comfort, safety, and smooth performance all at once.

They also provide transport services in and out of Dublin. A luxurious experience without the hassle and traffic of the surface paired with the green vistas of Ireland.

Adventure 001

When it comes to scenic tour above Ireland, you can’t get any better service from somebody else, you go to Adventure 001. The company was founded back in 2017 and by 2018, the business took off.

Adventure 001 managed to make millions and millions out of its Pleasure Flights package. In it, you get to choose to tour several travel destinations in Ireland including the Waterford Viking Triangle, Dublin City, Cliffs of Mother, Banne Beach, and so much more.

Adventure 001 has two helicopter models for its fleet, the Jet Ranger B206 and the Robinson R44. The Jet Ranger has a maximum speed of 120 knots (222 km/h, 138 mph) and the Robinson 130 knots (240 km/h, 150 mph).

The Robinson is a light helicopter and can take up three passengers per trip while the Ranger is your stronger model that can accommodate 4 passengers. Adventure 001 also provides charter and transport services.

However, when it comes to charter and transport services, we still believe Premier Helicopters is the best in Ireland. We help people experience something they’ve never experienced before.

Just like the story of the Twelve Women who travelled the air for their unending friendships.

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