Ireland on Air 1 - About Us

Zak Browne is a mechanical professional focused on quality control. Browne, back in 2009 was working for a small aviation centre in Dublin. He was great at his job for his knowledge and how he understands every piece of machinery inside an aircraft.

Browne was also working as a part-time instructor at pilot school and just like in his full-time job, he was good at it. In November 2009, Brown’s company had to shut down due to budget issues and the inability to compete with larger providers. So, Browne started his own business.

Premier Helicopters

Browne wanted to establish affordable helicopter charter and repair services, so he partnered up with his former manager and opened Premier Helicopters. Browne took care of the entire operation while his partner took care of the financial side of things.

In 5 years, major airlines and air cargo companies are acquiring their repair and maintenance service from Premier Helicopters. In 2015, Premier Helicopters had a fleet of 6 helicopters and one airbus providing charter for short and long air travels.

Premier Helicopters is known all over Ireland as a leader in the aircraft and aviation industry. Browne and the management team of Premier Helicopterslanded several partnerships with three top airlines here in Ireland.