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Our services include charter, repair, and maintenance. We cover a nationwide target audience as well as neighbouring countries in the European Union.
Helicopter Charter Services
Premier Helicopters is a top provider of safe and efficient helicopter charter services nationwide here in Ireland. We cater to short and long-haul air travels in exchange of cost-effective rates.
Helicopter Repair Services
Premier Helicopters provides top-class and extensive repair services to all helicopter models manufactured by a long list of companies. We have a repair team of over 110 professionals.
Helicopter Maintenance Services
To ensure safety and quality performance, we provide the best maintenance services on helicopters of any kind including fully articulated, hingeless, and teetering.
Helicopter Pilot Training
Premier Helicopters has a team of elite aircraft pilots to provide pilot training (intermediate and advanced) to aspiring pilots all over Ireland. Contact us today for more information.
Seminars and Training
We also cater to businesses, companies, groups, and organizations planning to provide the same nature of services we provide predicated on aircraft transport and repair services.
Online Helicopter Tutorials
For quick information on helicopter charter training and repair services, Premier Helicopters has a list of online tutorial videos available for free to interested clients.

What it is all about

Premier Helicopters is not only a top provider in helicopter charter, repair, maintenance services. We are a leader in the aircraft and aviation industry as we cover all other aircraft transport vehicles in our list of capabilities.

We’ve been operating for more than a decade and we are only growing in capacity. Premier Helicopters is all about making sure every helicopter pilot to take the air is aware of all safety and security parameters.

Shortly, Premier Helicopters will operate its pilot school here in Ireland providing top class training and lessons. It is only a matter of time before we establish the facility and resources we need.

Soon, Premier Helicopters will be a corporation that can compete with top companies including Marseille Provence Airport, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky Helicopters, and Boeing.

Premier Helicopters will establish Ireland as one of the global leaders in helicopter charter and repair services.

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